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Especially for people who have tried numerous times to achieve their health goals, and want a system that sticks.  Maybe you’re a little jaded and wary. I’ve felt your pain!  It’s time to move away from struggle and into ease and flow.

I teach a Primal aligned diet and lifestyle model that I have personally used to find freedom around food and cravings. 

You’ve probably heard a lot of bad stuff about “diets”, and rightly so in many cases.  Diet’s for weight loss generally have a very low success rate and have lead to many people feeling bad about themselves and their bodies.

However “Diet” is simply a word that describes the way you eat.  Tigers, monkeys, cats, and ants have a diet.  Human’s have a varied diet based on where they live, their access to different types of food, and of course for those of us with easy access to every possible food, it is based more on our food preferences.

While it’s great news (for me anyway) that we don’t have to go and hunt for our food anymore, unfortunately we have been exposed to lots of “food like” substances in the form of packaged and processed foods.  This has contributed to many of us suffering poor health and excess weight.

What is a Primal Diet?

A primal diet is really about getting back to basics.  It includes plenty of good healthful fats, moderate amounts of protein, plenty of low starch vegetables, nuts, seeds, and herbs.  Fruit and starchy vegetables can be included in small to moderate amounts based on your health or weight goals.

A primal diet avoids or minimises processed oils, processed packaged foods, sugar in it’s many forms, and all grains.

Is this a Low Carb Diet?

A primal diet avoids sugar and grains so is LOWER carb than the standard western diet.  It still includes moderate amounts of carbohydrates in the form of vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruit.

How can this help me lose weight?

Most of us have spent a huge part of our lives eating a diet high in sugar and refined carbs all day long. Our bodies have become proficient at burning glucose for fuel BUT storing the excess as FAT.

Our constant consuming of high carbohydrate food causes our blood sugar levels to go on a roller coaster ride, and when we hit the low points, multiple times per day, our body tells us we’re hungry again!

The urge to eat more sugar and/or carbohydrates becomes INTENSE and our willpower can’t ever really win for long.

A primal aligned way of eating RE-trains our body to use fat as fuel. Either the fat that we consume, or the fat that we have stored.

This is how our ancestors lived. Their bodies were built to burn fat as a primary fuel source.  Burning fat for fuel is similar to putting a big log on the fire, it can simmer away for a long time, as opposed to kindling that burns up quickly.

You will notice your hunger significantly reduced.  You’ll no longer have intense cravings because your body is happy with a constant source of energy rather than needing to be topped up every couple of hours. 

No more fighting AGAINST your body! 


What is Ketosis and Keto Adaptation?

Ketosis occurs when you significantly reduce your carbohydrate intake for a period of time.  You have used up all the glucose stored in your body and are now making ketones from fat to use for energy. This was quite a natural metabolic state for our ancestors during periods without food or carbohydrates.

Ketosis can take anywhere up to around 3 days to use up your stored glucose and start using fat for fuel.

Being Keto or Fat Adapted is where the magic really happens!

Becoming Keto or Fat adapted takes a little longer, up to about 6 weeks depending on a bunch of things including your age, health status, and current usual diet.

This is the time when your body is making new enzymes and pathways that make it easier for you to burn fat. Our bodies up until now have become super efficient at using carbohydrates as a primary fuel, and therefore need time to adapt to burning FAT for fuel.

Be PATIENT, it takes your body a few weeks to be FULLY adapted to burning fat as fuel.

During this time there are also HABITS we need to address, but it’s much easier to deal with these when your body isn’t screaming out for more sugar and carbs!

Do I have to go into Ketosis?

The short answer is No.  I have personally found it very helpful, but many people keep to a primally aligned way of eating and enjoy huge benefits.


Your Primal Body Coaching Package

I integrate my knowledge of health and primal lifestyle with transformational coaching to bring you a holistic system to address:

  • Digestion and Food Metabolism
  • Excess weight
  • Diabetes and Insulin resistance
  • Adrenal Health and Stress
  • Emotional Eating and other Food Challenges
  • Brain and Mood Health
  • Hormone Health

If you have a medical condition my system is designed to work complementary to your current medical/health care practitioner.

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.  The second best time is today.   – Ancient Chinese Proverb

Your Programme

Initial Consult includes

  • A comprehensive assessment of where you are now
  • Getting clarity on what your vision is for your body and health.
  • An detailed action plan for going forward

Follow up sessions include

  • Understanding and calculating your macro’s
  • Going ALL IN, and taking massive weekly action toward vibrant health
  • Practicing powerful mindset strategies
  • Clearing the clutter
  • Sleep, Stress and Play
  • Uncovering whats been stopping you or slowing you down from having what you want
  • Practicing food freedom


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Your Investment

1:1 Coaching – Work with me for 8 weeks at $997 – Includes weekly one hour sessions.

  • AND voice messaging with me on WhatsApp for added support and to answer any questions you have in between sessions.  Monday – Friday.  I will reply within 24 hours but usually sooner.