Have the body freedom you really desire!

Do you struggle with poor body image, and anxiety or confusion around food?

Do you wake up wondering how to make up for what you ate yesterday?

Do you go to bed vowing to eat “better” tomorrow, or Monday?

Does the way you feel about your body stop you from living your best life?

Does food and your body cause you emotional pain, stress, or anxiety?

Do you feel stuck in food prison, either through bingeing, restricting, or both?

Do you want a holistic approach to uncover and change your hidden disempowering beliefs that have kept you stuck?

Yes? Then this programme is perfect for you. 

Love Yourself to Vibrant Health is lovingly created for women who want to cut through all the noise and nurture a healthy relationship to food and eating, lose excess weight in a sustainable and lasting way, adore their gorgeous bodies and finally feel free to enjoy their precious life.


As a woman, you have innate feminine energy, wisdom and power to create vibrant health.

Body and Self Love is a topic near and dear to my heart as I spent too many years hating my body, suffering physical and emotional pain, and poor health.

It turns out I wasn’t alone though.  Do you know that over 70% of women hate their bodies?

If body love sounds impossible, I promise you it’s not.  The first step is willingness.

I’m super excited to lead you on a journey to self discovery, enjoyment of food, love of your body, and unleashing the shiny sexy wild women inside of you!

Because in this one fleeting life, do you really want to spend another day at war with food and your body?

Can I hear a HELL NO!

Okay great! Here’s some outcomes you can see in 12 weeks of working together.

  • Stop the guilt around eating, and make food pleasurable again
  • Tune in to your natural hunger and fullness cues
  • Learn how stress is impacting your body and how you can move into more ease and flow
  • Know how to recognise and honour your feelings and emotions (without always turning to food)
  • Learn the best foods to eat for your unique body and health needs
  • Create a routine of exercise and movement that you love and look forward to
  • Develop a super powerful mindset that makes achieving your goals inevitable
  • Get your Sexy Wild Woman back!

A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing

She goes where she will without pretence and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself – Maya Angelou –

Ladies, Bring Your Friends!

Sometimes things are just more fun with some friends in tow, so grab one or two and enjoy transformation together!  I can work with small groups of up to 3 women.   Support from a core set of friends can help assist you in your journey, especially if they are working along side you to reach their own goals.  The Synergy of this can be very powerful!

Frequently asked Questions

But will I lose weight?!  I know this is the burning issue for so many women.  The answer is YES you absolutely can!  But it won’t be in the way that you have come to associate with weight loss – this programme works from the inside out causing weight to stabilise naturally.

Over-eating and excess weight is an effect not the cause of your pain and struggle.  Good nutrition and movement is so important for your body,  but focussing only on food and calories in/out is like treating the tip of the proverbial ice-berg.

Can I love my body and still want to lose weight?  Yes!  Loving your body, no matter what shape you are in now, and treating your body as the amazing vessel that contains your incredible spirit, is the best and most sustainable way to dissolve excess weight.

I don’t have weight to lose, is this programme suitable for me?  There are many ways that women use food and substances to attack their bodies.  Deprivation, self harm, attacking thoughts and words, excessive alcohol, and other harmful drugs to name a few.  The principles taught and practiced in our sessions are beneficial to help with all of these.

*I will refer women for other professional services to work complementary to coaching if necessary

Your Body Love Group Programme

Part 1 –  4 week Introduction includes:

  • Identify and change disempowering beliefs
  • Dreaming BIG and setting intentions for exactly what you want for your body and health
  • Set yourself up for inevitable success
  • Start the small achievable steps that will lead to big results

Integration time 2-4 weeks

Part 2 – 4 week Intensive includes:

  • Going ALL IN, and taking massive action toward vibrant health
  • Practicing powerful mindset strategies
  • Quieting the critter brain and overcoming self sabotage
  • Become your own expert in nutrition and movement for your body

Integration time 2-4 weeks

Part 3 – 4 week Transformation includes

  • Strengthening your mental muscles, your spiritual fortitude and physical health
  • Re-evaluating and fine tuning your future intentions for your body and health
  • Shining a light on all life areas – because how you do one thing is how you do everything
  • Going forward with certainty in your ability to achieve anything you want

So, Gorgeous, have you been seeking an answer to your pain and struggle with food and your body?

Are you ready to invest in your health and create vibrant wellness?

Book your free Clarity Call now 

Your Investment

1:1 or Group Coaching – Work with me for 8 weeks at $997 per person – Includes weekly 60 – 90 minute sessions.

  • AND unlimited voice messaging with me on WhatsApp for added support and to answer any questions you have in between sessions.  Monday – Friday.  I will reply within 24 hours but usually sooner.