How To Be More Playful

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When I searched for images for this post, a huge majority of them featured children or dogs.  I wondered when “play” became a concept only for kids and pets.

Why be more Playful?

Being a grown up can get really serious right.   One day we woke up and found ourselves with responsibilities.   HUGE responsibilities.  Like raising children, paying bills, study, career, maintaining healthy relationships, trying to stay fit and eat well.   CRAZY serious stuff!

Regardless of these, we still feel young inside and wonder when we lost our zest for life.

Playing keeps us young, it encourages laughter which is great for your health, and it lightens the mood.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing – George Bernard Shaw

That being said, here are my 7 Tips for being more Playful

1.  Wear fun clothes

Try wearing vibrant colours, patterns and styles you don’t usually choose, or mix colours you usually avoid combining.  I have a friend who wears colours together that I would never dream of pairing. Incidentally she is also one of the most fun people I know!

If you must stick to black and grey, wear some bright fun accessories.


2.  Dance and Sing

Turn up that music.  Sing along in your car, in the shower, anywhere. Your pitch doesn’t have to be great, you’re not auditioning for NZ’s not talent.

Do silly dance moves in front of your kids.  If they’re older than 9 they will likely cringe, which makes it even more fun.



3.  Stop caring what people think

Caring too much about looking like a dork in front of others is a sure fire way to have a boring life.  However you choose to be, some people will love you, others won’t.  Get used to it.


It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring – Marilyn Monroe


4.  Observe children and copy them

Children know how to party like it’s 1999!  You did too once.  If you have children, let them remind you how to play.  Join them in the playground instead of sitting down supervising (aka on your phone).  I get funny looks when I say it, but I love to swing!

Get in the pool, ride bikes, make a blanket fort. I know, dinner’s not going to cook itself, but it won’t kill your kids to feed them fish fingers occasionally.


5.  Goof off sometimes

I don’t care what my ex boss says, I still maintain that goofing off and having a laugh in the office is good for productivity.  Some of my best memories and friendships were made joking around at work.

Okay, there is a fine line where it becomes unproductive.  We probably took a flying leap across that line sometimes.  Be a tad sensible here.


6.  Make art

Just for the fun of it, not for the finished product.  Work with clay, paint a self portrait, write a song, plant some flowers.  You have creative energy that needs to be expressed.

Think about everyday things you do and add a creative flair to it.  The way you do your hair, the way you answer the phone, the way you plate your food.  Life is art.


7.  Spend money on experiences

Splash out on super fun experiences.  This year I inherited a few hundred dollars I wasn’t expecting.  I spent it on taking my kids parasailing and jet boating. Could I have spent it on bills or upgraded my cellphone? Of course.  But I made memories instead.  Gold.

It needn’t cost hundreds of dollars though.  Buy a second hand tent and camp on the beach for a night.


Take every opportunity to play, laugh and be joyful.  These are my ideas and things that make me happy.  Your list could have 7 completely different tips.  I’d love to know how you add play to your life!.