Hi, I’m Kuini de la Mare 


I’m a Certified Health, Wellness, Abundance and Life Coach for people who are ready to go all-in and have the health, body, and life they want!

I am also a New Zealand Registered Nurse with 10 years’ experience in primary healthcare, education and health promotion.

I empower people to overcome a lifetime of limiting beliefs that are blocking them from the health, body, confidence, and life they really want. 

As a nurse I became frustrated that I didn’t have the time, resources or skills to help people create the health and true healing that they wanted.

I saw that simply giving “advice and information” wasn’t leading to better health for most people.

So I found a new way of being, and of showing people a way to Vibrant Health and Wellness.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is transformational.  My personal story involves decades of inflammatory dis-ease, body-hate, physical and emotional pain, and a feeling of helplessness.

With the help of a personal health coach I created the transformation in my body, mind and spirit that I had been seeking since forever!

I love being in the presence of people when they talk about what lights them up.  I want to learn more about you as a whole person, what your hopes and dreams are, what makes you joyful, or sad, what you really want for your life and health.

I want to help you uncover the reasons why you can’t seem to make that change – even though you desperately want to – and watch you succeed and step into your power.  This is transformation.

I saturate all the cells in my body with love, and they become vibrantly healthy.  –  Louise Hay.

I believe that YOU are the expert of your body as a whole, your health, and your life.

I’m here to guide you to HEAL in the true sense: physically, mentally and spiritually.

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Kuini shows great understanding and insight in her approach to coaching. She immediately puts you at ease and provides a safe space for dealing with any issues you have.

Sally R. NZ

I learned so much about myself, especially around food and my addiction to sugar! I learned to listen to my body and deal with emotions without turning to food all the time.  Best of all I lost over 5kgs in 12 weeks. So happy!  Thanks.

Georgina S. UK

Kuini engages through calmness and understanding. She is centred in quiet encouragement and reflects through a foundation of strength, courage and connection.  I learned I am part of a sisterhood, to embrace my life and am excited by the limitless possibilities ahead.  Thank you.

Milly P. NZ